Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do Men's Egos Generate Unbusinesslike Behaviours?

According to Christine Lagarde, France's Finance Minister and a Lawyer with some 30 years experience, men's egos make them more prone to taking decisions personally and humiliating people.

In an interview on US ABC network in Washington this week, Lagarde was quoted as saying that in the main, women in such positions of power behave in a slightly different manner.

Mrs. Lagarde said that women inject less libido and less testosterone into the equation. From her experience she said: "it helps in the sense that we don't necessary project our own egos into cutting a deal, putting our point across, convincing people, reducing them to a partner that has lost in the process".

Named the 12th Most Influential Women in the World by Forbes Magazine in 2005, I'm inclined to believe she knows what she is talking about, although there is always the risk of overgeneralising about such matters.

What do you think? We all know women in power who are just as bullish as the boys, and men who use more humanitarian approaches to get results

(The article from the London Telegraph went on to say that Mrs Lagarde is noted for her self-control. She gets up at 6am every day for a yoga session and does not drink alcohol, smoke or eat meat. She took a huge salary cut when she left her law firm to join the government. Sounds like a good role-model although I'm not too sure about the meat and alcohol!)

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